NEED IT DONE NOW CALL JEFF OF ALL TRADES We offer expert service in a reasonable time frame at a fair price. Unlike most contractors we will tell you the truth about our capabilities and give you an accurate schedule that you can depend on. We pride ourselves on delivering on what we promise no matter what it takes. When you want a fair price and need an honest schedule call JEFF OF ALL TRADES @ 740-341-3159


NEED IT DONE NOW CALL JEFF OF ALL TRADES Call for a free estimate today 740-341-3159. Our experienced tradesmen will handle any project big or small. Painting services both commercial and residential interior and exterior. Power Washing of decks, siding, sidewalks, patios, driveways, and anything that needs cleaning. Sealing services for driveways, decks, and mobile home roofs. Screen repairs, residential door and screen door repair and replacement. Application of all types of wood finishes. Residential roofing repair and replacement. Small gas engine, lawnmower, chainsaw, weed eaters, repair and maintenance. Foreclosure/eviction cleanout & trash out. General fix up, maintenance, and upkeep of property for resale or rental purposes. NEED IT DONE NOW CALL JEFF OF ALL TRADES



Our jobs range from small residential repairs for homeowners that just do not know who to turn to when they need repair work done around the house. We pride ourselves on our prompt, fair, and courteous, performance of every job. We also respect our elders, while most contractors consider are elderly population as an easy target for inflated prices we offre everyone over 60 a 10% discount and if you are over 70 that discount increases to 15%. No job is complete until the customer is 110% satisfied.



Photos of some of the projects in progress by Jeff of All Trades.


We are not happy until you are happy.